Saturday, May 16, 2009

Starting Anew

So I have been here in Switzerland for a week now and things are... different than life was back in Calgary. The first week was pretty mellow and work was very slow-paced. The guys I work with are pretty cool, we went out for beer on tuesday before I headed to Germany with the roomies to do some grocery shopping (it is far cheaper in Germany than it is in Switzerland). Otherwise, the week was fairly uneventful other than the intern mixer Alstom put on at one of the beergardens in old town. Pitchers were cheap and everyone was having a great time. Needless to say, Friday was not the best day of the week, although it was the first day I actually did anything at work.

A huge group of interns went to Interlaken today, which was epic. The train went beside one of the huge lakes, small towns built on the banks and high up the mountains. The alps were huge and absolutely full of snow and the cows had bells on them. It was picturesque to say the least. The main reason we went to Interlaken was to go canyoning. We all wore wet suits and lifejackets and pretty much just trekked down a canyon (aka flowing river). I had to zipline down a cliff-face, float down the river, and jump down waterfalls. Tragically, there were no pictures to be taken because my camera would have been destroyed and they definately wern't worth 40CHF for 45 pictures on the cd.

Next week we are supposed to be getting Thursday off, so I am going to meet my boss Monday and promptly ask him if I can have Friday off as well. I've heard he's a dick, so I'm sure he will be SUPER impressed. But if I can pull it off, we are thinking about going to Rome for a few days and hitting up anywhere else we want to down there. I'm hoping it's early enough in the summer season that there wont be an obscene amount of tourists, although I'm sure there will be plenty enough.