Monday, June 8, 2009

Its just one of those days!

For those of you out there who were into the music scene half a decade ago, you should know who sings this song. Its Limp Bizkit, and yes, I went to their concert last Thursday.

Yah, yah, it sounds pretty weak but hear me out. I was chatting with a German buddy of mine, looking for something to do this weekend. He told me there was an open-air concert in Neuchatel - called Festi'neuch - on the Thursday. I figured I didn't have anything to do on the weekend so I'd go out on Thursday night instead. Why not. And yah, I knew LB was playing and I didn't care. I don't have any regrets either. It was actually a really good concert. There is so much more energy out here. The crowds back home kill the energy of the performance. Over here, the energy is magnified. There weren't any walls of death or anything crazy, but the entire floor was jumping and there was a massive mosh pit for the floor size and number of people. No regrets.

Friday night we went to the Schwimmbad and played soccer and volleyball as usual. We also headed over to Kehl and had a nice gathering of anglophones. With beer of course.

Saturday was chill, the first day I've slept in since I got here (apart from my jetlagged first day). A whole bunch of people went to Zurich for a Europride parade (aka gay pride parade). I opted out due to an unrelenting leg pain that I've had since Milan. I watched Entourage on my pc instead. The relaxation was enjoyable, as was a little time to myself.

On Sunday, we cleaned the apartment of the old intern crap that got left behind so we had room to accumulate our own junk over the year. Haha... Chris and I discovered that eggs with a little curry powder are amazing after we decided we were sick of adding cayenne pepper powder to every meal and went for the curry instead. Chris and I went to the Schwimmbad again and played some more soccer and volleyball. I took the water slide a couple of times and managed to ass-plant my sunglasses. Thanks to my epic engineering repair skills, they will last until my trip to Eastern Europe where I plan on finding a pair of even more stylish Euro-shades.