Thursday, June 25, 2009

Money in the Bank

Since the last post, not a whole lot has happened. I jumped off a bridge into the river in Baden last week. The water was surprisingly warm for being glacier water! On a side note, I can still swim which was a rather pleasant surprise.

There was also a Kareoke bar in Zürich that we hit up for some good times Thursday night. I tried to sing a song in German because I thought I knew the lyrics. I didn't. The lady told me the song I knew was a remake of the original, which she had. Lies! Turns out everyone loves Yellow Submarine and I can do a half-assed rendition of Sweet Child O'Mine.

The weekend was rather mellow, as many interns went away for the wekeend either for a hike or to Stonehenge for the summer solstice festival. Having insufficient funds is not an enjoyable time... In the end, a few of us just got together for a couple of beer.

On Saturday Pat and I were awoken from our laziness by Luke, who had managed to lock himself out of his house. His roommate had gone hiking for the weekend and the landlady was out of town for the weekend as well. Being the expert B'n'E guy that I am, I attempted to find a route of entry into the house. Then proceeded to ask a random lady if she had a very large ladder I could use. She asked which I'd prefer, a pork or chicken sandwhich. Apparently my understanding of Swiss-German still surpasses my ability to speak it. The sandwich costed 8CHF in case you were wondering. So still having no way in, we decided to go back to my place and attempt to call a locksmith. We got a new number from the person we called (twice) and wound up having no one on the other end of the line. It has yet to stop amusing me that I have never come across someone in Switzerland that I couldn't talk English to (at least a little) and yet that day I couldn't find one. The upside? I know that key is Schlüssel now...

In the end we gave up and decided to go to Migro's for some food. We tried the place one last time on our way and by some miracle, the landlady's daughter had come home and left the window at the main door open. Luke hopped in and we were gold once again.

At this point, I cannot remember what happened on Saturday night or Sunday, but I'm sure it wasn't anything too crazy. Oh I just remembered what happened Saturday night (I just finished writing the last of the blog haha). We went to the biergarten with someone Luke knows who has an intern 3 years ago, then we went to another bar and wound up at an open-air concert to celebrate the fixing of the clock tower. The concert sucked, but the night was good.

Monday on the other hand, we had an intern meeting and apéro. We organized into 6 groups to essentially tell Alstom the same thing. Go to career fair if you want to hire more interns, and make sure you bring free stuff.. I neglected to mention the ABB has its own sunscreen AND energy drinks. The apéro immediately followed with sandwiches and beer. We then decided to go to a schisha bar followed by a party at our house. Brandon, one of the interns from 4 years ago had come to Baden that day and was crashing at my place for a couple of nights, so naturally he was there too. It was a wicked time, and needless to say, a late one. After chatting with Brandon for some time about life over here and getting some awesome suggestions for La Tomatina, the Zürich Street Parade, and things to do in Egypt etc, it was 2:30. Tuesday at work was awful, but worth it.

Today was payday, so we went out for lunch to celebrate. It was the best meal I've had in a long time. And cheap, by Swiss standards. I turned down a shindig tonight so I can go to bed early. Sounds lame, but there is a good reason. We are going to a go kart track tomorrow afternoon for work and I need to be on the top of my game to destroy worlds.

And yes, I do work. For those of you that are actually curious, I have been spending a lot of time preparing data on Excel. Or doing anything else the guys need done that is relatively simple and quick.

And I learnt that all combustion takes place between vapors. That's right. When you burn wood, nothing solid is burning.