Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Voudriez-vous danser?

So yet another long weekend has come to an end, and it was yet another weekend with little time to relax or catch up on sleep.

Destination: Lyon, France
Purpose: Eating crepes and baguettes

Leaving early Saturday morning and arriving in Lyon mid afternoon, we immediately went to the nearest Creperie. Did you know they sell ham and cheese crepes? I sure didn't... Then onward we went on our usual excessive walking. We ran into the main church of the city as well as an ancient Roman amphitheater. There were people on the stage practicing for a concert, which was pretty cool. A little bit of old meets new. After that point, we had essentially seen everything the city had to offer in the way of sights.

Supper was awesome on Saturday night, the best meal I have yet to enjoy in Europe. Although I am regretting not getting frog legs... Three course meal, and I chose to order the things hardest to pronounce and had no idea what I was ordering (apart from desert which was creme brule).

On the walk back to the hostel we came across a crowd watching a bunch of street performers, so we joined in. We also hit up a convenient store for some beer so we could pregame before heading out to the clubs. Pat and I each bought 2 cans of 11.9% beer, which tasted absolutely terrible, but only cost 2-Eu apiece so it was worth it. We wound up on a club boat which played house music on the top deck and an American punk/modern rock style on the bottom desk. Because we go there before 1:00, there was no cover. A night on the town in Lyon only cost 4-Eu. Score!

Sunday in Lyon was a little more layed-back, with a nice long mid-day nap, more walking and a run through a fountain. The locals probably thought I was mentally challenged. Oh well... We also came across a huge Boccie tournament with stands and referees. The French must ta
ke their Boccie seriously!

Luckily for us, our hostel on Sunday night had a kitchen, so we made supper and watched le Simsons to even out the cash splurge of the night before.

On Monday, we headed back to Switzerland but stayed in Geneva for a few hours until we could take the train back to Baden for free. Geneva is a Ritz-y city to say the least, but at least I got the joy of seeing a Royce. We were hoping to see the huge Water-Jet they have in the lake, but they turned it off because it was windy and the jet would soak half the city. We found a pleasant little park out of the way of the shopping district where we played giant's chess. We also scoped out an amusing little cafe called Central Perk. I sincerely hope that someone reads this and actually gets it...

Bis sp├Ąter,