Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What the hell just happened?

So since the big trip East, what has happened... ... ... I don't even know. Last weekend consisted of a couple of drinking nights. Actually those are mildly amusing stories, so I'll indulge.

I tried explaining this weekend to Rachel and I just couldn't do it. I'll try again here but it probably won't live up to reality.

Friday night was a pasta party because half of the interns were running in an 11km race on Saturday. So we made lots of pasta. As in something like 1.5kg for 4 people. I think it's the first time we have had leftovers last longer than the following day's lunch... Anyway we ate pasta and hung out, watched some Youtube vid's. Good time. When people started heading out, we wound up going to the Berg with Riley and met up there with Rachel, Olivia, Rachel's friend Marshall, and Mike. We were there for a while drinking then headed out to attempt to get into a club even though the chicks didn't have ID. Needless to say, it didn't work out. Just for the record, we totally could have gotten away with that in Germany... Oh the Swiss...

That night ended for me at that point, as I headed home. There was always Saturday right?

Saturday, schwimmbad. Burnt back and diving board. That about sums it up. Oh yah, really burnt back.

After schwimmbad, we went to see if we could get some cloths for clubbing in Zürich. Didn't work due to the fact that country closes on the weekends. Oh well. A doner kabab and a walk later, I was at Luke's house with a fresh 6er of beer and we made our way back to the Berg. Hung out there until around 11. Then the mayhem began...

Zürich. Needed to finish road beer, so we went to a bridge over the river and finished whatever it was Mike had brought. Had a cigarette. Had another. Never again. Gross.

A group of women approached us with a hockey net, sticks, and a ball. Mike won something, I can't remember what. The importance of this moment, was that I decided to take a shot at Mike when he was in net. Straight over him, into the river. Who didn't see that coming. Surprisingly, the women weren't too concerned and just left. Strange?

Amber Club, near the Hbf. 25CHF cover, so we didn't bother. Instead, we went wandering the "red light district" of Zürich. Ended up at a biker bar where Mike claims there were prostitutes. I don't recall this moment, but at this point, I'll just take his word on it. After all, it is definitely possible. We then went to some other bar that had a more clubby atmosphere where Olivia managed to pull in a very "zeroed-in" Swiss guy. Not quite appreciated, and we left. He tried intervene. Didn't happen. We went to the Hbf to take a train home and watched it pull away as we got to the track. Waited an hour, don't know how or what we did to pass the time because next thing I knew, the next train was in the station. Took the train home and Marshall managed to evade the ticket guys.

Got home at 5:00 in the morning Sunday. To this day, I don't think anyone who was there understands what the hell happened that night or how we passed so much time. Regardless, it was a great night.

Sunday was a day defined by pizza and pasta for breakfast, and going to Schad to watch Fubar and Animal House. Not as epic as the night prior, but at that point, it was definitely better that way.

This week, nothing crazy has happened. Monday night Chris and I went to Germany with Bruce, Rachel, and Mike for cheap meat, peanut butter, cereal. Needless to say I've been eating cereal for breakfast the last 2 days. With great delight I might add. I plan on participating in a Halfmarathon in mid-September, so I did a relatively long run Tuesday evening. Tonight I met up with a few at the schwimmbad and did some diving, soccer, and volleyball.

I had better get back to the distance training soon if I plan to survive that 1/2er, so that's on the agenda tomorrow.

If you don't hear from me sometime next week, it is because I died bungee jumping this weekend. On that bombshell, I bid you all adieu.