Monday, August 17, 2009

Of Dancing, Mockery, and More Dancing

So apparently I managed to miss a week... It was a rather busy one last week I guess, with my life spiralling out of control and all...

Two weeks ago seems so long ago, and yet it was so amazing. It is called Street Parade. It is the biggest party in all of Switzerland for the entire year. And it happens in Zürich. And it is AMAZING!!! It consists of a great many people, most of whom are drunk, high, and/or nearly (in some rare cases completely) naked partying in the streets of Zürich in a giant parade of electronic music. I took no part in none of that, except for the dancing. I was a dancing fiend. But before I get too ahead of myself, lets go back to the morning.

I definitely woke up and decided I wanted a Mohawk. Celia was happy to oblige. I now have a Mohawk. The end.

I also put on face paint and had a giant heart on my neck. And an anchor on the other side, because skeletons are cool but were too hard to draw. Haha oh Rachel...

So yah, STREET PARADE! Got to Zürich around 15:00, got lost with Andrew and Ryan rather quickly and just danced up a storm. Then we got pizza. Then we danced some more! Next thing we know, it is something like 22:00 and Paul van Dyk is supposed to come on the main stage in half an hour. Waiting. Waiting... Waiting... He cancelled and some other DJ shows up.
I missed half of Guetta for you Paul, and you bailed. I am not happy with you. Not happy at all...

<-- Picture taken before I became displeased with PvD

After I realized PvD wasn't playing, I rushed off to the Zürich Hbf to get over the the Hallenstadion, where the biggest afterparty in Zürich was taking place. ENERGY 2009!!!!!!!! On the way, I met some Swiss guys calling me, due to my name being written on my head in a Sharpie. Thankyou Riley, for not being an ass and writing something else on my head. This happened the morning of Street Parade, and yes, whether you believe me or not, I was sober. In fact, I had been paranoid people were calling me all day. Now I know I'm not paranoid. They actually were. Anyway, back to Hallenstadion.

<-- Steve happy at ENERGY 2009!!!!!

I made it for half of David Guetta, loved it. Absolutely amazing... Wicked atmosphere with so much energy. Then Tiesto came on and rocked the entire universe.

<-- Tiesto rocking the entire universe

Then Fedde le Grande was up, and he wasn't quite up to expectations. He was definitely good, but not Tiesto good. So I sat down in the bleachers and had a 20 minute power-nap.

Summary of the Zürich Street Parade:
Mohawk. Face paint. Music (throughout). Dance. Get rained on and get paint all over my shirt. Dance. Get lost. Dance. Dance more. Eat Pizza. Dance. Dance more. Get mad at PvD. Meet funny Swiss guys on the way to Hbf. Realize I'm not crazy, just retarded. Go to Hallenstadion. Love my life sooooooo much. Dance. Dance more. Dance even more. Redbull. Dance. Dance more. Dance more. 20 minute power-nap. Dance. Stagger home in a tired, sweaty mess. Happy. Home at 8:00 Sunday morning. So happy.

What a ridiculous life I have over here.

During the week, oh God... Sunday night we had a BBQ. I woke up at 16:30 and had an hour to make burger patties and prepare myself for a walk up a mountain. We walked up a mountain and had a hell of a time starting the charcoals on fire. The obvious solution was definitely to use excessive amounts of lighter fluid. It worked after a while. We had burgers and they were amazing. I also caught a frog and almost caught a snake. I named the frog Kermit. Original, I know. Give me a break, it was a long night prior.

Tuesday was the last night for Riley in Baden that would start sober, so naturally, we did a beer mile. In Canada, you'd be hunted down by people and thrown out of the track when doing this most awesome of sporting events. In Switzerland, you get cheered on by EVERYONE at the track. And this was a very public beer mile. Long story short, my time was 9:19 and I came in second for the event. Bruce destroyed everyone as expected, but I can proudly come second to him. Pictures will be on facebook soon if you are interested. I will say no more of the beer mile. If you are actually curious about it, I'm sure that Google would be more than happy to oblige.

Wednesday was Riley's final day at Alstom. I cannot declare what happened that day due to the fact that this blog is public and my boss could read it. So I will just say that it was a day that changed the way I see work. Forever. Then we went to the Biergarten, and I ignored the fact that I desperately needed to do laundry. A few of us ended up on the castle, and tried to watch a meteor shower. They didn't happen.

Thursday and Friday consisted of movie nights, being The Soloist and Jurassic Park II. The Soloist was good. Don't ever waste you're time watching Jurassic Park II. It was just awful. How could I have thought that movie was good years back? Saturday. Liechtenstein. Their national day, my chance at mockery of epic proportions. I can't remember if I have explained the story of this trip planning or not, so I'll just indulge you once again. One Friday, Mike and I thought it would be funny to just go to Liechtenstein for a day just out of boredom. That afternoon we had decided it would be funny to walk across the country in a day. In a matter of a few days, we had decided to run across it. Now you know how everything here escalates on such a grand scale.

I repeat, my life here is just so ridiculous...

So we were going to run across the country. I mapped out a route that ended up being 12.3km (that's right, and its not even going the short distance, that's going out of our way to make it longer so no one can question the validity of our claims). We took a bus to the Austrian border and prepared.

<-- Look Austria!

Riley, Bruce, and Chris made the whole run. I lacked motivation and Mike and I took a little longer but still jogged more than half the distance. I could probably put some blame on the fact that I was running in skateshoes and it was over 30°C outside, but I will stick with blaming myself. Also, we may or may not have taken a shortcut through a cornfield. That detail will never be official. The finish line was a covered wooden pedestrian bridge over the Rhine, and it took something like 1:40 to make it across. Check out a map on google from the Austrian border between Feldkirch and Shaanwald to a bridge across the Rhine just west of Vaduz if you're a nonbeliever. It was done. 12.3km. How many people do you know that can claim to have ran across an entire country besides Terry Fox?

Just as a side note, you know you're in a small country when the sign pointing in the direction of a town doesn't bother to have the distance included on the sign.

So we ended the run and got some greasy food and beer and danced. Until late. Some cover band was playing and it was the first time I had heard rock or punk in over 3 months. We went nuts. Mike, Pat, and I also had the most public 'gun of our lives. Again, end of story. There were also fireworks being fired from the top of a mountain. They even surpassed the epicity of the Lugano fireworks on Swiss national day. What else can you expect form a country with the highest GDP per capita in the world?

Some time later and taking the bus to the campground 15 minutes out of town, people must have just thought I was the biggest mess in the world. Grungy Mohawk, sweaty, and overall not at 100%. Probably more like at 30%. If that. Getting off the bus in the middle of nowhere alone. I wonder how many people on this continent just think I am on the final leg of one messed up life.... Hahaha oh to ponder... I love this place so much. I was so unmotivated about walking up the hill to the campsite that I seriously considered sleeping in a field. I realized I would probably wake up a few hours later regretting that decision, so I carried on. But not all the way. I needed to do a pitstop and stop in the middle of the road and lay down to look at the stars. It's a good thing no one decided to drive around the campground at 1:00...

Liechtenstein is my favorite country so far. It is like Switzerland except I can buy food at a real grocery store on Sundays and they like having fun.

Sunday, a slow morning getting up and ready to leave. Very slow. We eventually packed our stuff up and went hiking to Sargans, back in Switzerland. I have no idea how far it was, but it was really hot. And I can also safely say that apart from one town and the backs of 3 mountains, I have seen the entire country of Liechtenstein. We dipped our feet in the ice cold Rhine, which was amazing given the heat. We also slept in the shade under a bridge. 8 Canadians. Under a bridge. Sleeping. So funny...

<-- This is literally the border between Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The photo quality on here isn't great, but it says Liechtenstein (on the left) and Schweiz (on the right). Talk about tight border controls. Ease up guys! Holy...

Mike and I waited in Sargans for a while until we could take free trains. The rest were crazy and spent money. We saw Riley briefly on his way to Croatia.

My legs are ridiculously sore now. And I am officially never running again. Ever. Unless someone plans a trip to run across another country like Luxembourg or something... Is Luxembourg small enough to run across?