Friday, September 11, 2009

Straight Up is Better Than Piddling Around

So where to begin, it has been a long time once again. It would seem I am out of the blogging habit. Although life is slowing down a bit, so there isn't as much to report on. Highlights...

Stomp last Thursday, as well as a department party with work. So I went and got free food, ate my meal in about 5 minutes, ran to the train station and saw Stomp, came back at 22:00 and drank free beer for 2 or 3 hours. And danced, of course.

Last weekend I went to Zermatt, the town at the base of the Matterhorn. The town is pretty small and there are no combustion engines allowed to there will never be smog blocking the locals' view of the mountain. So there are a bunch of electric cars there which are silent. They need cowbells or something so you know when they approach.

Anyway, I went up wayyyy high (some people were passing out from altitude sickness) and touched snow and felt cold. It was awesome. I got to wear my toque!

The following day we hiked along a glacier. But before that, while other people were eating lunch, Bruce, Chris and I decided to climb to the peak of the mountain we were on. There was a path to the top, but that was too easy. We just pointed in the direction of the peak and went straight up. No climbing gear, no climbing shoes, no hiking boots (only the best equipment for Steve, skate shoes). Chris has a good pic of me on FB. We went through a big tunnel through a mountain, and Swiss trains were late (OMG!!!!!!!! WTH????) going back to Baden.

This week, I got hit by a car biking on my way to work. It turns out, getting hit by a car hurts a little. It also turns out that I'm clutch and can pull off sick front stoppies. But seriously, don't worry about the accident. It could have been a whole lot worse than it was. May have bruised a bone in my arm, and skinned my shin a bit. No biggie.

And I ate a horse steak yesterday. It was actually really good. Like cow, but it tasted more horse-like. Imagine that?

Take 'er easy,