Sunday, October 4, 2009

München is the Batcave

So last weekend was the final weekend of Oktoberfest 2009. It was also the drunkest weekend of my entire life.

**Spoiler alert** If you have a respectable option of me, you may want to skip this edition of the 'Adventure. The only censorship here will be what I cannot remember or what I truly wish I didn't.

<--- To start things off in true Bavarian fashion, here is a happy guy with a funny hat holding a lot of empty mugs in a very large beer tent.

So on Thursday night, a group of 10 interns embarked on an adventure of epic proportions. And seeing as we had a 4 hour train ride to a festival of beer, we thought it was necessary to bring some roadbeer for the train. A 6 pack should be sufficient. It was. As it turns out, a whole bunch of Swiss people in our car thought the exact same thing! They brought champagne and we all just drank on a train. The nice ticket man brought us big plastic bags so we could chuck our empties instead of making a mess. Probably a really good idea.

We got to Munich and trammed it to the campground (which is in the middle of the city). We set up tents and went to sleep.

Friday, a day of sunshine and excessive amounts of beer. We arrived at the festival grounds at 9:30. The beer didn't flow until 10:00. So Dave, Miller, and I bought a giant pretzel. We went into the Hofbräu tent and got a table. Luckily, 10:00 hit and we were one of the first groups to be served. A few minutes later, a large amount of beer mugs arrived and there was a resounding PROST. And we drank. I can proudly say that I was the first to finish the mug within mere minutes with Bruce and Dave not far behind as all. Then we ordered three more!

The second round was definitely won by Bruce and Dave, who decided to chug the final half of the beer. Then the third round was ordered. In the end, the three of us power-halfhoured Oktoberfest when we drank 3 liters of festival beer (approx. 6.2%) in less than 30 minutes. Then another round.

It was at this point that the day becomes slightly fuzzy. We had previously decided to make a tick on our arms with a marker every time we finished a beer so we'd actually know how much everyone had. Bruce, Dave, Olivia, and Rachel disappeared at some point when I was in the washroom. Beyond this point, I recall almost nothing except that I lost everyone but remembered that Miller wanted to go on a roller coaster. I had tried phoning people but I was beyond comprehending the fact that I needed to add an area code for the phone because we were outside Switzerland. Then I found some horses and pet them for a while. After I got bored of that and remembered that I had lost everyone, I walked to one of the roller coasters and luckily found Phil. Everyone else was on the ride I think... Then we went... somewhere... and I went on a different roller coaster. It had lots of loops. It was awesome.

Next thing I know, we are sitting around waiting for people to go on the swing ride. This may or may not have been the time Luke decided to bring Phil and I and talk to girls. I was beyond drunk, so I just swayed there and smiled like a big dumb idiot. Or so I've been told.

We left the grounds shortly after and went to a grocery store. I bought a bag of chips and some iced tea. And a yogurt dessert thing. It was delicious. And we also found the rest of the group. They had also decided to go for the grocery store for some munchies.

Arriving at the tent grounds, Miller , Phil, Dave, and I made friends with some Belgians who gave us beer.

Saturday, another day of sunshine and more beer. We arrived a little late to the grounds and a lot of the benches were taken already, but we managed to get a table and squeeze together for some beer. We were in the Hipodrom tent, which sells Spater beer. It isn't nearly as good as the Hofbräu beer, so I only had one. Then when we left, people wanted to do rides again. Miller and I were too sober for that, so we convinced Dave to come with us to a Carousel Bar. We stood facing the stationary ground with people on it and Prosted everyone we went by. We prosted some people three times because that's how long we took to drink our beer. It was good beer too. MMMmmmmm...

Next thing you know, all of the guys decided to buy 1/2m sausages, then Luke and I went and got a 1/2 duck. Then we bought souvenirs and said goodbye to the Oktoberfest grounds. Phil and I used a washroom to fill our big mugs with water, and we walked around the city drinking from large beer mugs. People on the street watching us drink from big Oktoberfest mugs probably had the wrong imrpession... We went to the English gardens for a nap and then the Hofbräu haus for some more beer. It was too busy, so we made our way into a beerhall across the street. Turns out they make the best beer on the entire planet. That turned out to be a pretty tame time, revolving around eating amazing meals, singing, and making as much noise as we could until the waiters yelled at us to shut up. The Germans across the room were egging us on and doing the same.

Going back to the tents, we bought a couple of brewski's and played Telephone Pictionary. I used "Big Gay Luke and his Big Gay Toque" twice in a row, yielding very different results. But two people down the chain, Pat knew exactly what it was the second time around. Beautiful. Then the keg ran dry and we were kicked out of the nice sheltered building. Sleepy time quickly followed.

Sunday was a sunny day from the beginning, although you could tell autumn was setting in because of the golden leaves everywhere and the chilly wind (I'm going to stop blogging like I'm writing a novel now). We took the tram to the Hauptbahnhof and walked to a square some 20 minutes away for a free walking tour of the city. At 2 hours, it was a pretty long walking tour considering we were wearing our backpacker bags with tent equipment because we had to check out before noon. But it was pretty informative and an overall good time. I also learnt that doing a Hitler salute in Germany gets a local arrested and a foreigner deported. Nifty fact, although not at all surprising.
The walking tour ended with beer. Not a lot of beer though. Only 1.5L. Then we went to the Hofbräu haus. Then we sang songs loudly, Miller stole two mugs, and I drank 3L more. Drunk Steve then stumbled back to the train station. On the way, Luke sang Allstar and I got excited. Then I tripped and skidded across some pavement. I don't remember this, but I've been informed. It also explained why my entire left side hurt on Monday and Tuesday. I do remember Rachel being concerned and me just laughing. I think...

When we were almost at the station, I decided the entire group was going the wrong way, so I went on my own and wound up in Yorma's buying more beer. Then I had to find the train, but I couldn't remember where I was going (ie home). Then I found a train to Zurich and was happy. People yelled at me to hurry up and get on the train. I did. The train left shortly after.

I passed out on the train. Luckily, I didn't drink the two beer I bought at Yorma's.

The End. Oh and I remember nothing about switching trains in Zurich either.

Monday sucked. Then we went to Schad and watched Fight Club. I've never seen fight club. It was really good. I had dreams that night about driving a semi, Oktoberfest, and possibly about being a psychopath. Not really sure. I think I was trying to drive a semi from Calgary to The Farm to help with the harvest.

Tuesday, I watched House.

Wednesday was Dave's birthday, so we had a BBQ by the river. Don't try to cook a pizza at a BBQ, it doesn't turn out well if you aren't prepared. I wasn't. Then we went to the castle and I chatted with a German who Andrew had taught English slang to. He was from Ludwigsburg. I stayed in Ludwigsburg. He thought I was awesome because I actually knew what was there and the highway number for the autobahn nearby.

Today is Thursday. I had meetings all day. They were mostly good, except for meeting with my actual boss because I'm pretty sure he believes I'm useless. It's a good thing I don't actively work for him, because I'm already only half motivated at work as is. And that's because I like my supervisor because he is awesome. Otherwise I'd probably just read Dilbert all day. Who at Alstom does that?

Thanksgiving meal on Saturday! Woooooooot


Mandy said...

I think you are going to come back to Canada and never drink another beer again. Mainly because they won't taste as good. That's just my guess.

Luke said...

harsh. lol.

Steveo said...

Now now Luke, I point no fingers.

I think I'll come back to Canada and have a beer a day for the first month just because that's essentially what I do here. Then I'll realize that I hate the stuff and only pound it at parties.