Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yet another month goes by...

Wow time is still flying by apparently... Now to recall what has happened since the last post...

3 weeks ago there was a grand ski trip to Les Diablerets (french Switzerland). It was a great time, including 2 days of boarding and a cheese fondue! The boarding wasn't great but was good considering how early in the season it was. The snow feels different from the snow in the Rockies. When you biff, your cloths actually feel wet. Not a feeling I'm particularly used to. I'm riding a midget board, which doesn't help so much in the powder. But the lack of abilities still rests with me. Cheese fondue was fantastic, and I discovered the best thing to put in melted cheese EVER. Chocolate croissant. It has the perfect blend of cheesiness and sweetness. All in one bite.

This last week was very busy with holiday festivities. Monday night was an intern gathering at Millingerstrasse for a beerpong tournament and a secret Santa. Rachel chose my gift, which was 10$ in budget-brand chocolate bars. I hope she appreciated them. Dave and I didn't fair so well with beerpong, but it was still a good time.

Wednesday was the department Christmas party. We went to Waldshut (Germany, just across the groceries. The avid readers will recognize this as the place I buy my groceries from). It was at a billiard/restaurant place. So we got free beer and wine, supper, and pool payed for. It was pretty sick. I learnt from my supervisor that I work like a Frenchman. He would know, he did study in France... Although I respectfully disagree with his belief. I enjoy procrastinating until I KNOW I need to do something to reach the deadline. He just doesn't wait that long to put pressure on me. All things considered, I am OK with this tactic. It will result in me doing more work on the days I like to call "minimal motivation day". Anyway, back to the party. Phillip and his boss challenged Frank and I and said that if we won, he would do the recalculation - which I requested from him a month prior - the next day. Guess who won. Snap.

Thursday. Didn't start until 10:00. I could have been there at 8 as usual, but I had the excuse of the prior night. Other in the team arrived around that time as well. Ah Switzerland, so loving to your employees... The grand Alstom Christmas party was that night. I was content with eating a bunch of free food and calling the night early (coupled with laundry duties). It ended up not being an early night, just a sober one. Big surprise. I stand by my belief that the only time I go to bed before 11:30 is when I start drinking by 4:00 on a low-key night.

Saturday was a day in Bern for the Christmas Market. I went with Ryan and Robyn. It was slightly cool outside and should have worn long johns for the sheer comfort of them, but Gl├╝hwein did the trick as well. Nothing particularly caught my eyes, which is probably a good thing because it probably would have costed my Christmas bonus.

Rachel finally posted pictures from Halloween. So here is what I did to myself (with Rachel's assistance). Clearly Dave is as shocked as you are.

Probably no new posts before Christmas, so there should be something good to read in the New Year upon my return from Oslo.

Until then, ciao