Saturday, April 24, 2010

The most boring place in the known universe

Before I get into talking about Luxembourg, I would like to bring up the recent realization that I had as to why my blogging has been so delayed. It is that I am no longer motivated to write these things. My year in Switzerland is nearly at its end. It has been a long, long year of travelling and a very short year of living. Weekends run together, interrupted only by brief days in the office. Which brings me to the second reason why I am not motivated to write these. I spend entire weeks writing reports at work. Good Lord I never want to do that again. Reports are fine when you don't spend every minute of the work week writing them, but that is my situation. Although I do see the reasoning behind it. I need to pull a lot of shit together and finish things off in my last 4 days with Alstom. A LOT of shit...

So on to the terrible weekend.

Friday. Short day at work, as Ryan and I had to catch an afternoon flight from Zürich. Arriving in Lux, we took a bus to the hostel, dropped out stuff off, and went for a walk. We went to the tourist information center and got a map and crappy (but free) passport stamps, walked aimlessly and wound up at the train station, then walked to the north end of the city. Then back to the hostel. It took a couple of hours, but we managed to essentially walk from the east side of the city to the center, to the south side of the city, then to the north side and back to the east. Oh right, and the walk north was done on the west side. We literally saw the entire city by walking for a couple of hours. We had a kebab along the way. It wasn't bad.

The evening consisted of drinking skunky Erdinger and Lux beer. We spent quite some time discussing the previous weekends adventures and pooling our knowledge and memory to understand exactly what happened on Jäg night.

Saturday. After buying a weekend transit pass for unlimited travel anywhere in the country via public transit for 6€ split between the two of us, we hopped on a bus to go on a hike. We went to the eastern part of the country, around 30km from Lux City. The walk along the river was pretty serene.

The best part of the day? Crossing the river to go to Germany. Although we only went around 2 steps into the country before heading back.

I think we hiked around 10km before deciding enough was enough and to go to Diekirch for a beer (one of the national beers is Diekirch, which is brewed in - you guessed it! - Diekirch). Being that Lux is influenced by the French, nothing was open until 17:00 in the afternoon. So getting lunch is out of the question. Saying screw it, we headed to Vianden to check out a castle.

This is the Vianden castle. Moving on. We wasted time before heading back to Lux City by having coffee and a pie at a brasserie in town. It was delicious. Then we rode transit randomly to waste time and ate a couple of fast food burgers. They definitely had enough calories to make up for the minimalist lunch.

The evening was again spent having beer. Although my stomach wasn't so happy with the previous burger decision...

Sunday. We had to check out form the hostel at 10:00 or something. So we got up as late as possible and ate breakfast, then checked out as late as possible to minimize the amount of time we had to waste during the day. Then we walked around Lux City some more and took a train to the most northern area of Lux. Then we rode it back. Then we went to the airport and waited for our airplane to arrive.

It was late, so we arrived in Zürich late. Then we missed the express train by 4 minutes without even knowing it. Then we got a crappy connection in Örlikon. What a day.

In fact, what a weekend... One more country I will never see again. Luxembourg truly is the most boring place in the known universe.