Monday, April 12, 2010

Snow exists at temperatures like this?

I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!

No, I'm just late on the blog. Again. Clearly Switzerland hasn't rubbed off on me very much. As for efficiency, lets see if I can write this blog faster than french fries cook in the oven. Aaaaaaaand.... GO.

So three weekends ago (yes, that's how behind I am), a large group of interns went to LAAX. It is a ski resort in Switzerland. It had a lot of snow. But I'll get to that later.

On Friday night, we caught a train at ~17:00 and took the glory that is Swiss public transit to a chalet about 5 minutes from one of the lifts to the hill. We proceeded to party machen. It was a really good time. I had an egg salad sandwich. Miller was not impressed. That was really funny. After party machen-ing until 01:00, we went to bed so we could ski the next day.

- That's one day done, looks like I might be able to beat these fries -

Saturday morning, we got up earlyish and quickly ate some food and put our gear on. We were going skiing! Wooooooo! We went to the ticket line and exchanged our Snow n' Rail ticket for a usable ticket. Miller was in front of me and spoke only English to the girl. I went and she only spoke German to me and I pretended to understand the words that were coming out of her mouth. I might just assume she was hitting on me. In fact, that's exactly what I'll do. Anyway, the next few Canadians went and she realized I was with them and asked if I spoke German. The Canadians said no. The girl behind the counter laughed profusely. And I was proud of myself for successfully passing off as a local, using nothing but "Grüzie".

Up the hill we went, and off the main runs we went. There was powder everywhere. It was glorious. It was also like 10°C outside. Ok, it wasn't actually, but it felt that warm. I couldn't even wear my jacket. I wore my hoodie all day instead. It got quite wet.

So yeah, powder. Glorious. Absolutely glorious. I've never boarded in such powder before, and I finally learnt how to do it properly. Even on my midget board. I think this short paragraph pretty much sums up the best day I've ever had boarding. Great snow, sunny, warm, and so much free space to roam (because Europeans don't generally like going off the main runs).

- The fries aren't done yet! It's gonna be close though... -

On the last run down the hill, I managed to break the toe binding on my front foot. It made it slightly awkward to make it down the mountain. But it all worked out. Just for the record, that is the second time I've managed to break a binding on the last run of the year. And consecutively. I hope this doesn't become a pattern of destruction.

At the end of the boarding day, we had some beer at the bottom of the hill then went home. Saturday night was a chill night because I was hoping to be feeling better for the following day. The Pharaoh's Curse Phase II was upon me. Nooooooooo...

Sunday. A pretty bad day. Overcast and I wasn't feeling great. Coupled with the busted binding I was trying to board without, the day on the hill was brief. 45 minutes brief. Including time up the hill via gondola. Oh well, that just meant getting back to Baden earlier (ie a reasonable hour) so I could make supper and chill out. Saturday easily made up for Sunday.

- I beat the fries -

The next blog will be a good one...